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How to leverage PR to attract, retain and recruit top talent

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

The great resignation has been devastating for employers. In the United States alone, a record 4.5 million workers quit their jobs in a single month this year, and those who are still on the job are now often flirting with the idea of “quiet quitting,” which means they’re showing up each day but putting in the absolute minimum effort.

Public relations is an excellent bulwark. When you land coverage in industry publications, you are given an opportunity on a silver platter to not just promote your business, but also to promote your workplace. Employee stories, identified and packaged well, can serve as the ultimate advertisement for your company, and will go miles when it comes to recruiting and attracting top talent - the kind of workers who want to join your team, work hard and make a difference.

Media coverage is an excellent, often overlooked channel to influence the perception that candidates may have about your company, and to sell yourself as an employer who doesn’t just make a great product or provide an exciting service, but also operates a warm, welcoming and exciting workplace that they want to join.

With the right public relations team, you can attract the best talent, and grow your company from the inside.

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