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Major Moves at TechCrunch and Wall Street Journal

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

If you want to understand just how difficult it is these days to get your funding round covered, tune into this episode of TechCrunch’s Equity podcast, to hear an interesting conversation between editors Alex Wilhelm, Danny Crichton, reporter Natasha Mascarenhas, and Forbes Senior Editor Alex Konrad. Bottom line: they are inundated with funding announcements and have to pass on most. Long gone are the days when a round of $25M or even $100M is a sure thing. These days, there is so much noise, it takes creativity and a compelling story outside of the dollar amount to stand a chance. As a prominent Business Insider reporter explained recently, she’s looking for deals that disclose valuation, hit on a fundraising trend, tell an interesting company story, and are offered as an exclusive.

Another reason it’s getting harder to get coverage for funding is that the pool of reporters is shrinking with so many leaving for the private sector. At TechCrunch, climate editor Jon Shieber and senior writer Anthony Ha left the tech news site for private sector gigs. The Wall Street Journal’s VC Pro Venture staff saw several defections over the past year, leaving fewer reporters to cover startup news.

By the way, moving to digital conferences has paid off big time for TechCrunch. According to AdWeek, attendance is up 77% and so is sponsorship. Our clients iAngels and D-ID participated in TechCrunch Disrupt this fall and the response was terrific.

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